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Transport: DDS Logistics and Zetes provide “TotalProof” for deliveries

    Transport Management Software publisher DDS Logistics and automatic identification solution integrator Zetes (barcode terminals, RFID…) have interfaced their respective solutions to optimize the efficiency and traceability of Eurocopter’s deliveries.


    How do you optimize the efficiency and tracking of your deliveries? French TMS (Transport Management Systems) leader DDS Logistics and Zetes, the pan European leader for automatic identification, traceability and mobility solution integration, have decided to join forces. The two companies have interfaced their respective “DDS Shipper” and “Total Proof” solutions to provide control and tracking of logistic flows from the shipping point to the point of delivery with seamless information processing.


    The first implementation has just been completed at Eurocopter (EADS division) the world’s no. 1 civil and military helicopter manufacturer.
    The DDS Shipper solution, which the manufacturer has used since 2010, has been interfaced with about ten TotalProof mobile identification terminals fitted with a barcode reader. “A significant amount of work has been put into the synchronization of data between our TMS that defines deliverers’ assignments and the Zetes terminals from which the status of deliveries can be monitored”,DDS Logistics CEO Jérôme Bour explains.


    Full delivery tracking

    Although technically complex, the solutions are very simple to use on the field. Eurocopter defines delivery orders in DDS Shipper which deliverers load into a terminal via an interface cradle linked to DDS Shipper. During his/her round, the deliverer scans the parcels’ barcodes at each handling operation (reception, loading, unloading, delivery…). After the round, the collected data are retrieved via the interface cradle. Based on these data, a report of the delivery’s milestones with times, recipients and so on is drawn and transmitted to Eurocopter. The terminal automatically resynchronizes with DDS Shipper and loads the new tasks to be completed. “DDS Shipper optimizes the round and TotalProof delivers the proof of timely delivery” Zetes Auto-ID & Mobility expert Jean-Pierre Mouly, sums up.


    “It’s a simple solution that is easy to implement for our carriers that don’t have a tracing system head of Marignane-based industrial flow transport Jérôme Brechet adds. It allows us to be more proactive if a delivery error occurs.” Eurocopter is immediately notified by e-mail if a delivery error occurs.



    The DDS Shipper-TotalProof solution is used by one first carrier for the parts distribution flows between the Marignane Eurocopter production plant and eighteen neighboring subcontractors. By 2012, the solution will be implemented by two other carriers as well as for the Paris area and Pyrénées Atlantiques flows transiting respectively via the Tremblay and Pau hubs.


    “Our joint effort with DDS Logistics at Eurocopter is a first step. Our DDS Shipper-TotalProof solution can be deployed rapidly by manufacturers and transport networks seeking to improve quality and optimize in realtime the control of their deliveries via 3G or GPRS terminals linked to DDS Shipper”, Jean-Pierre Mouly explains. It seems that partnerships on a larger scale could be envisaged with other actors. To be continued…



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