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How can you really take advantage of your supply chain data with DDS solutions?

  • Managing Your Data in Supply Chain

Interview with Jérôme BOUR, CEO of DDS
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Carried out on Wednesday, February 18 by Frédéric LEGRAS, Director of the FAQ Logistique Portal as part of the file : « How can you really benefit from your data? »


Managing Your Data in Supply Chain

Supply chain companies still have access to large amounts of data. It is sometimes difficult for these companies to exploit this data effectively. Indeed, understanding the level of usability of data from ERP or Supply Chain is actually complicated.

In this regard, Jérôme Bour, CEO of DDS, Leader of the TMS sector, shares his expertise and the solutions to be adopted in an exceptional interview presented by FAQ Logistique.

Find out in this interview :

  • Challenges associated with data management in the supply chain
  • The best way to process your data effectively
  • The points of vigilance of a project given in Supply Chain?
  • DDS solutions to enable you to leverage supply chain data

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