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Digital Global SupplyChain: An innovative logistics digitalisation project

Digital Global Supply Chain : ArcelorMittal Construction x DDS x STACKR x S2PWeb

A truly innovative project developed by ArcelorMittal Construction, DDS, Stackr and S2PWeb, called “Digital global Supply Chain”, which aims to optimise the entire logistics process with a 100% digital approach.

In order to offer multiple and efficient logistics services, guaranteeing safety and peace of mind for its customers, ArcelorMittal Construction has identified and retained three French experts in the field of transport digitalisation, namely :

  • DDS, French leader and publisher of TMS software
  • STACKR, expert in site security solutions (including digital reception areas)
  • S2PWeb, and its GedMouv solution allowing the “Track & trace” function

Motivated and captivated by this unifying project alongside ArcelorMittal Construction, these three partners are responding to the following challenges :

  • Optimisation of its costs
  • Careful management of the loading schedule
  • Securing its customers’ goods
  • Respecting its delivery commitments,
  • Collecting performance data
  • Reduction of its carbon impact

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