Transportation planning

Digitize your transportation planning simply and efficiently.

In a few figures

Cost reduction
- 0 %
CO² Emission
- 0 %
Productivity gains
+ 0 %
Visibility of flows
+ 0 %

Why supply chain teams recommend DDS

Cost reduction and optimization

Optimize by planning all your planning actions.

Improved collaboration

Work more efficiently, with better cost management, improved service quality and increased customer satisfaction.

Automation and time savings

With automation, save time and improve the efficiency of your supply chain by reducing manual tasks, minimizing errors and accelerating your processes.

Order to ship

Receive, verify, schedule, and ship your orders with peace of mind using our TMS. Managing your order shipments streamlines your logistics processes, improves operational efficiency, and reduces costs while providing greater visibility and control over your supply chain.

Shipment Constitution

Connect our TMS with your carriers to centralize the data collected and plan the most efficient transportation routes based on time, cost, and customer requirements.

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Shipper selection

Choosing the suitable carrier and type of transportation for each shipment can be a complex process.

Our solutions incorporate features such as automatic selection of mode and type of transportation and automated evaluation of carrier performance, comparing rates, and recommending the most appropriate carrier for each shipment.

Route Optimization

Automatically consolidate your orders and optimize your transportation routes based on cost, delivery time, and customer requirements. 

Our solutions incorporate features such as loading and unloading times, weight and height restrictions, preferred routes, and carrier preferences. In addition, route optimization can help reduce your transportation costs, improve your quality of service, and reduce your environmental impact.

DDS integrates with your ecosystem

You are in good hands

Responding properly to customer needs is our priority.

La maitrise du planning de nos quai via le logiciel de DDS nous a permis d’anticiper les aléas et de baisser de 20% le taux d’occupation de nos quais de réception

Nadège A.
Ingénieure Amélioration Logistique chez Rémy Martin

L’application de tracing mobil temps réel de DDS, nous permet un suivi immédiat de nos transporteurs. Les photos prises au départ et à l’arrivée des colis évitent les litiges avec nos transporteurs

Marc L.
Responsable Transport

Grâce à DDS, nous avons massifié nos transports et diminué de 20 % le coût à la tonne transporté

Xavier M
Responsable Service Clients & transports

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