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MSL equips subsidiaries worldwide with DDS Freight “forwarder” solution

    Over 150 MSL (Maritime Service Logistique) collaborators in Europe, South-East Asia and the Indian Ocean will use the DDS Freight Enterprise “forwarder” solution to manage their import-export files.

    This is one of the biggest “forwarding” deals DDS Logistics has ever signed! The French TMS (Transport Management System) leader has just struck an important alliance with the MSL group, one of the major actors in air, maritime and road transit as well as upstream logistics. The software publisher will deploy its “DDS Freight Enterprise” software solution at subsidiaries in France, South East Asia (Hong Kong, China,
    Thailand, and Vietnam) and in the Indian Ocean (Mauritius, Madagascar, and Seychelles). MSL will more specifically be using the Operation TMS, Web tracing & alerts, Traxon/Inttra interface modules and – in Asia only – Order management. More than 150 staff will eventually use the solution to deal with the operational and financial follow-up of transport and purchase files and ensure goods traceability. Rollout will be phased
    in and the solution will be up and running in January 2011 in France, February/March at the Indian Ocean zone subsidiaries and from July, 1st at Asian subsidiaries.

    MSL works mainly with large groups, mostly of the textile (Décathlon, Columbia, Chantelle, CacheCache) and technology (Orange and affiliates) sectors. “MSL is a large SME whose clients include large corporate groups. Our strength consists in our ability to support those groups from the beginning of their projects and evolve with them. To do that and to face the competition of the larger forwarders in calls for tenders, we must have the right tools” MSL CEO Jean-Jacques Hindryckx explains.

    Securing global growth
    For MSL, DDS Freight Enterprise’s deployment is motivated by operational and financial objectives:

    • Improving service quality and realizing productivity gains,
    • Harmonizing processes and facilitating inter-group data circulation and traceability by using a language and a method of communication common to all subsidiaries.
    • Controlling the profitability of each branch and consolidating data for a comprehensive view of the group’s activity.
    • Developing the customer portfolio and flow volume to acquire a favorable position in commercial dealings with maritime and air transport operators. “The logic is simple: the bigger the volumes, the better your position to negotiate with air and maritime companies and the higher your priority on flows. Our growth also depends on our relationships with companies” Jean-Jacques Hindryckx underlines.

    The MSL group is currently considering opening new subsidiaries… New DDS Logistics users ahead.

    About MSL
    Founded in 1995, the MSL group (Maritime Service Logistique) operates in the field of logistics and air and maritime transit, with global
    supply chain management as its specialty. The group, which has operations in Europe, South-east Asia and the Indian Ocean provides
    solutions that are innovative, comprehensive and adapted for all business sectors, from textile to new technologies. The group’s
    ambition is to accompany its clients’ international growth. Its turnover has been rising constantly for over ten years, reaching 37.4 million
    euros in 2009.

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