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Join2ship: the digital solution to simplify warehouse dock management

  • Combine appointment planning and visibility to streamline warehouse transport flows.
  • Securing access to logistics sites

Anxious to bridge the gap between transport and logistics, with the aim of improving the overall efficiency of the supply chain, the French publisher DDS Logistics is unveiling new functions dedicated to the world of warehousing via its collaborative platform Join2ship.

On the one hand, trucks are expected to arrive at the reception area, on the other hand, vehicles have to be loaded efficiently to ensure that goods are shipped on time. Within the warehouse, efficiency also depends on the associated transport flows. In order to ensure the responsiveness of the supply chain and to meet the strong constraints in terms of preparation, dispatch and delivery times, DDS Logistics is continuing to develop its Join2ship collaborative solution and is enriching it with a range of functions for logistics platforms.

Combine appointment planning and visibility to streamline warehouse transport flows.

Two major families of tools coexist in the transportation market: on the one hand, online appointment scheduling solutions, and on the other, real-time visibility solutions. Today, DDS Logistics combines these two complementary functionalities through a new module available on its collaborative platform Join2ship. Thus, from the appointment scheduling module and thanks to the visibility tool developed on the solution, Join2ship offers a real-time update of on-site arrivals in line with the schedule. Warehouse teams view the planned pick-ups and/or deliveries, the details of the goods and the schedule evolves according to contingencies: delays or advance deliveries.

Securing access to logistics sites

At the same time, logisticians can also rely on a function dedicated to guard posts at the entrance to the sites. What’s the objective? Facilitate the control of site entry and increase collaboration between carriers and logisticians. Through the Join2ship transport digitization platform, all the information needed to facilitate work at the security checkpoint is entered: driver and carrier details, type of goods transported, etc. Finally, Join2ship, via its mobile application or its interconnections with external systems, can be used to validate the correct loading of goods into trucks, thus ensuring end-to-end visibility of the warehouse, shared in real time with all the partners involved.

Thanks to these functionalities, the logistics platform can now better plan, organize and prioritize on-site receptions and shipments, offering an additional gain in terms of efficiency and fluidity of processes within the warehouse itself. “The WMS speaks to the warehouse, the TMS to the transport operation and we can now count on Join2Ship to address dock managers effectively“, explains Jérôme Bour, CEO of DDS Logistics.

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