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DDS Logistics partner of Orange Business Services’ Forfait Informatique cloud computing solution

    Transport software publisher expands its SaaS (Software as a Service) mode service range and entrusts Orange Business Services with hosting.

    One DDS Logistics customer out of two chooses SaaS. Increasing demand for this new distribution mode has prompted the software publisher to expand its offering and choose Orange Business Service’s cloud computing solution for business IT, Forfait Informatique. DDS Logistics has entrusted Orange with the hosting of its various business solutions (DDS Freight and DDS Truck): “Our goal is to strengthen our capacity to deploy our software in SaaS mode for any type of customer, small and medium-sized businesses, corporate groups or larger” DDS Logistics CEO Jérôme Bour explains. Orange Business Services have the expertise, the global coverage and the resources to invest into equipment and support our growth.”

    Addressing all customer needs

    Apart from more service quality and responsiveness, this partnership will give DDS Logistics the ability to expand its SaaS offering: “With Orange Business Services’ cloud computing solution, we will be able to deliver not only our business software solutions but also comprehensive IT virtualization to our customers over the internet” Jérôme Bour explains. Wherever they are and whenever they need to, users have access to their work environment (business software, office suite, e-mail client, file sharing…) 24/7. The data are hosted and backed up in one of Orange’s Datacenters in France.

    Yazid Chir, CEO of Neocles Corporate, Orange Business Services’ virtualization branch comments: “Now that it has certified its applications for our cloud computing solution through our publishers program, DDS Logistics can reach beyond its business scope and cater to all its customers’ needs with one comprehensive business solution. It can now offer one-stop shopping to its customers”.

    With Forfait Informatique, DDS Logistics will be able to fulfill one of its customers’ demands: reduction of costs related not only to transport but also IT. “You don’t need high-performance hardware to access data. The server takes care of everything. Replacing computers or making massive investments into computer management becomes unnecessary” Jérôme BOUR explains. Simple and efficient.

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