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DDS Logistics: 2010 figures show strong growth

    The French TMS leader’s turnover almost reached 7 million Euros in 2010, showing a 25% increase over its “reference year”, 2008.

    DDS Logistics’ results are looking good. The turnover that the French transport software leader made in 2010 is close to 7 million Euros, 25% higher than in 2008, the year that preceded the crisis. For DDS Logistics CEO Jérôme Bour, these good figures result from “new deals, the expanded scope of collaborations with the current customers and a wider DDS Logistics offering”.

    Results boosted by the industrial sector…

    In 2010, important deals were signed on three markets: logistic providers, retail and the industrial sector. “Providers still haven’t regained the margin they used to have before the crisis, and they’re hesitant about investing. However, we did make great projects happen, in particular with global transport agent ASL Overseas”, Jérôme Bour explains.

    The busiest market was undoubtedly the industrial sector (with, for example GDF-Suez’s affiliate Cofely). According to Jérôme Bour this is mainly because “Manufacturers are still few to use TMS. They’re realizing now what is at stake in transport, how much can be gained, and they’re catching up.”

    Retail is still an expanding market too for DDS Logistics. New deals have been signed (Eurodif…) and the company is seeing demand for additional services grow, in particular for sourcing and international procurement. This trend is becoming the norm: “Many of our customers who have ‘reached maturity’ expand the scope of their collaboration either with new families of products or with new offerings”.

    … and an enhanced offering

    Another factor of growth for DDS Logistics is the launching of new solutions. The pioneer of SaaS, DDS Logistics developed a cloud computing offering in 2010. In addition, the takeover of the Narval company in 2009 has led to DDS Truck, the solution for road transport companies. “In 2010, Narval’s local network in the Le Havre area and the DDS Truck solution brought us new markets not only in France but also abroad”.

    Bright prospects for 2011

    For 2011, DDS Logistics is expecting sustained market activity: “the increase in the price of the oil barrel makes transport more expensive. The return on investment of a TMS is now a fact and it shouldn’t be long until those who still don’t use one make the leap”.

    DDS Logistics will continue investing in the development of its products offering and collaboration tools for shippers and providers. A connectivity platform dedicated to transport and international trade, Trade Collaborate, was launched last June to let them share data and streamline data circulation processes.

    The company intends to grow globally. “On the Asian market we can sense there is interest not only from the western logistic providers but also the local ones, as a result of which several contracts were signed in 2010. There is real potential”. DDS Logistics also looks to Maghreb and Africa where it has just started doing business… and to Germany. The TMS leader plans to open a branch in this country in the medium term.

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