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DDS Logistics launches a new application for global exports

    DDS Logistics, the publisher of software for transport, logistics and international sourcing, has released a new module for exports. This new module will further enrich its DDS Shipper TMS for shippers.

    The DDS Shipper TMS designed by DDS Logistics supports shippers with all their complete domestic and international logistics flows. On the strength of its extensive experience in the forwarding business, the publisher is now offering exporters the possibility of keeping close track of their operations by sea and air with its new module dedicated to global export flows.

    Controlling the export supply chain

    With the Export module of DDS Shipper, shippers can now manage their bookings, automatic communications and transport instructions using the INTTRA electronic transactions platform in particular. This functionality facilitates their relations with ship companies.

    Thanks to the partnership between DDS Logistics and Conex, they can also provide players in international trade with tools to process customs declarations, to exchange electronically with the authorities and to automatically send the information required for export customs clearance.
    Finally, the Export module of DDS Shipper features a document management system that keeps all the information on export operations by sea and air in a single tool.

    Facilitating collaboration between all the stakeholders

    In combination with DDS Shipper’s other functions for shipment planning, flow traceability and the management of export costs, the Export module provides shippers with a broad capacity to control complex and multimodal supply chains.

    As well as improving collaboration, it speeds up their operations for greater productivity and improves traceability, resulting in essential gains in the quality of customer service.

    Finally, it improves the efficiency of the sales force’s export sales processes and produces more accurate transport quotes, while offering several options in terms of service providers, costs and deadlines.

    Continuing to support export shippers

    In the course of this year, DDS Logistics intends to further enrich this new module with an advanced real-time ship-tracking function that will complete the mobile application for the tracking of pre- and post-routing operations.

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