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ACSEP, the first official integrator of DDS Logistics solutions.

  • ETI, a new market to conquer

  • An integrated IzyPro WMS / Join2ship offer

ACSEP and DDS Logistics have signed an ambitious partnership agreement. Under the terms of this agreement, ACSEP will ensure the distribution, integration and support of DDS Logistics’ TMS solutions!

Responding to changing market demand

At a time when the interconnection between warehousing and transport is becoming increasingly strong, when omnicanality is growing and when demand for WMS and TMS is on the rise, we felt it was essential to partner with an integrator to accelerate our growth,” says Jérôme Bour, President of DDS Logistics. And the choice of ACSEP was a natural choice. Integration is their first job, they know all the processes and activities of a warehouse and have already successfully carried out TMS projects. We are delighted to be able to respond to a real market demand by partnering with ACSEP, which is a recognised integrator in our ecosystem!

A conviction widely shared by Thierry Puharré, the president of ACSEP: “We have chosen to enter into partnerships with companies that are leaders in their sector, such as Hardis and its WMS Reflex, Talend and Pick to Light Systems. We were missing a TMS offer at the wheel of our activities. And who better than DDS Logistics, THE TMS specialist, to meet this need? Not to mention the fact that we share the same values and the same notion of service, which is essential for both our companies.

DDS ACSEP partnership
On the right, Jérome BOUR, CEO of DDS Logistics. On the left, Thierry Puharré, CEO of ACSEP

Thanks to this agreement, ACSEP and DDS Logistics customers will benefit from a high value-added offer: a publisher with a complete and relevant roadmap and a seasoned integrator, capable of implementing the solution under good conditions.

ETI, a new market to conquer

In addition to their traditional key account customers, ACSEP and DDS Logistics wish to address ETIs in France, but also in Spain.

This is our first partnership of this type and we believe in it very much! continues Jérôme Bour. The last few weeks have been devoted to sharing knowledge about our products and training ACSEP consultants.

We are in the process of setting up a team dedicated to TMS for project management, integration and application support,” adds Thierry Puharré. Our teams are already working with DDS Logistics on two major projects in the luxury and industrial sectors, and will be rapidly strengthened thanks to new recruitment.

An integrated IzyPro WMS / Join2ship offer

Finally, the two partners plan to propose an integrated WMS/TMS offer based on two of their flagship solutions: IzyPro WMS and Join2ship; the collaborative transport platform for shippers, consignees and carriers.

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