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A streamlined TMS offer for management of your transport invoicing

  • A solution focused on invoice control
  • Full functionality in a streamlined tool
  • Proven benefits

The leader on the TMS (Transport Management System) sector, DDS Logistics is launching a streamlined but equally effective version of its DDS Shipper tool. Available in SaaS mode and easily implemented, Shipper Light offers its user customers a fast return on investment, allowing them to cut transport costs by up to 5%.

Currently, only 25% of companies are equipped with a TMS. The brakes on its development can be numerous, running from lack of time or funds to lengthy or complex decision-making processes. To support companies looking to optimize their transport and reduce their invoices in this area, the French TMS leader has developed a streamlined version of its acclaimed TMS solution, DDS Shipper.

A solution focused on invoice control

This packaged product, dubbed Shipper Light, is mainly focused on DDS Shipper’s invoice control module. Easy to set up, guaranteeing a quick return on investment, it allows shippers to automatically check all their carrier invoices, and computerize a process experienced by most companies as a time-consuming hassle.

Full functionality in a streamlined tool

Inclusion of carrier price schedules via an “Excel template”, simplified pricing management, pre-invoice issuance and validation, automatic processing and verification of sums, sending of credit notes, etc., Shipper Light offers all the advantages of a fully fledged TMS when it comes to the invoicing part. Using the collaborative web portal, the carrier itself validates pre-invoice information as it goes along. This means that when the paper invoice is issued, all of its items have already been checked off, greatly reducing the likelihood of disputes.

Proven benefits

Thanks to Shipper Light, the entire invoicing process is optimized, from price management to invoice validation. The solution not only makes it possible to ensure the correct application of transport prices, but its automation also eliminates human error and makes invoice checking more reliable, so reducing the risk of any disputes with carriers. Finally, the solution offers real financial benefits, estimated at 2% to 5% of the transport purchase budget. A return on investment, better collaboration and productivity gains are all easily accessible since the solution is already available as a monthly SaaS offer.

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