Shipper Light

Shipper Light, the solution to manage your transport invoicing !

Easy to set up, guaranteeing a quick return on investment, we have created a lighter version of our DDS Shipper TMS to manage your transport rates and automatically check your invoices.

With Shipper Light, control your transport costs !

  • Integration of carriers’ pricing grids
  • Simplified management of carrier rate calculations
  • Issuance and validation of pre-invoices via the collaborative portal
  • Integration of dematerialized invoices
  • Automatic processing and verification of amounts

Earn up to 5% on your transport purchases

With Shipper Light, productivity gains are achieved for both shippers and carriers, ensuring the correct application of transport tariffs, avoiding human errors, making invoice control more reliable and reducing disputes. The solution offers real benefits estimated at 2 to 5% on the transport purchase budget.

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