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DDS Logistics and Wakeo enter into a partnership to offer an advanced TMS and visibility on international transport

    DDS Logistics, one of the leading TMSs, has partnered with Wakeo’s SaaS platform to enhance the visibility on international transport operations. Together, they intend to support shippers and freight forwarders in the pursuit of further optimizing their supply chain.

    Visibility has become increasingly vital when it comes to international transport. Faced with issues including the pandemic, major disruptions to both air and maritime transport, and high freight rates, shippers and freight forwarders need the ability to be able to monitor their shipments in real-time.

    This unprecedented level of disruption has highlighted the need for a TMS that will allow users to have access to this level of visibility on multimodal shipments from anywhere in the world. To achieve this, DDS has partnered with Wakeo, the leading SaaS platform for overseas visibility, to provide this service to customers and prospects.

    Combining the power of digital services in international transport

    This new partnership aims to help users increase the visibility of their supply chain and further optimize their international transport flows. As visibility plays an essential role in supply chain and logistics management, the Wakeo platform will complement DDS Logistics’ TMS by enriching it with real-time visibility, advanced analytics, and powerful data.

    Wakeo’s SaaS platform, with expertise in both maritime and air freight, offers users real-time visibility on multimodal transport and uses proprietary algorithms to anticipate delays, provide live ETAs, and evaluate route performance.

    Collaboration for enhanced visibility

    DDS Logistics will provide its customers with these enhanced services through a direct integration with the Wakeo platform. Not only will users benefit from real-time visibility on all of their shipments, but they will also be able to update their own customers directly through the TMS. “Our goal is to offer a solution to shippers and freight forwarders that will provide them with real-time visibility across their supply chain and with the best possible services during this period of unprecedented levels of disruptions” explained Jérôme Bour, President of DDS Logistics.

    This integration is already available to a handful of DDS customers, but will now be available to all customers directly through the TMS. “We are delighted to be able to partner with DDS and offer clients the ability to easily combine Wakeo’s real-time visibility and advanced analytics with DDS’ TMS and logistics platform. We have a rich history of working alongside DDS and are proud of our commitment to simplifying the integration process. These are exciting times for both companies and we are thrilled to be making things easier for clients during a period of great disruption and uncertainty” explained Julien Cote, co-founder and CEO of Wakeo.

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