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Nexans gains with TMS DDS Shipper

During the Supply Chain Event 2018, Xavier Ménargues, Head of Customer Services and Transport at Nexans, looks back on 9 years of using the TMS DDS Shipper.

Nexans, a French manufacturer of cables and systems, has been equipped with the DDS Shipper solution since 2005.

But it wasn’t until 2010 that the company had all of its sites equipped, i.e. 17 factories, 2 national logistics centers and 3 drum repair centers, as well as all the volumes transported.

Spectacular results for Nexans

With nine years of hindsight, Nexans is seeing real results, especially an increase in average tonnage with more than 220%.

“We realized that for some customers, it was absolutely not necessary to deliver them every day and we were able to set up massification”, explains Xavier Ménargues.

The number of carriers has also been reduced by 10%; i.e. 90 carriers for 50,000 transport orders processed in 2018. The cost per ton transported has also decreased by 20%.

Thanks to the organization, Nexans has reduced its resources in terms of Human Resources.

The group has also made the transport payment more reliable with 100% of the pre-invoices validated before the end of the following month. In addition, the group has reduced its environmental impact.

What about tomorrow?

Nexans has an annual transport budget of 20M€. They plan to extend their transport management capabilities with real-time order tracking and alerts, in order to improve their customer service.

Sources : Logistiques Magazine – Jean Luc Rognon – December 2018

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