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Nespoli France ensures the global optimization of its transport via Join2ship !

  • Nespoli France, a strong subsidiary of a European leader in painter's tools
  • Transport, a process to be modernized
  • Join2Ship: centralized and optimized flow organization on a single tool

Transportation is no longer just a cost factor. It is one of the key elements of customer satisfaction and company performance. Nespoli France, a major player in the design and development of painting and masonry tools, spray paints and household brushes, has understood this. As proof, the company has just acquired Join2ship, a collaborative solution for digitalizing transport, designed by DDS Logistics.

Nespoli France, a strong subsidiary of a European leader in painter’s tools

Small artisanal company born in Italy in the 40’s, Nespoli is today an industrial group, European leader in the design, development and manufacture of painter’s tools, mason’s tools, spray paints and household brushes. Although it has remained 100% family owned, Nespoli has several sites in the world and relies on nearly 1,300 employees.

The group has a French subsidiary, Nespoli France, with 230 employees. The latter offers its customers – distributors of large DIY or food stores and direct customers – five major product families from preparation to aerosols, including application, protection and cleaning tools, all via its own brand and private labels.

Transport, a process to be modernized

At the heart of Nespoli France’s organization is the town of La Capelle, in the Aisne region. The French subsidiary has installed its head office, its production site and its main logistic center there. A second loading and storage warehouse is attached to it, located in Buironfosse (EB) and a third site in Orange will be transferred to La Capelle at the beginning of 2021. From these logistics buildings, products are shipped directly, cross-docked, delivered to the warehouse or allotted. 90% of the flows are destined for France and Benelux, the rest for Europe.

Each year, Nespoli France ensures 12 000 shipments. The subsidiary has 30 million units of customer sales per year. At the time of the transfer of its site from Orange to La Capelle, Nespoli France wishes to optimize its second cost item after human resources: transport. Anxious to ensure a traceability of goods flows, to bring more visibility to its customers and to make its processes with suppliers and carriers more reliable, Nespoli France is looking for a digital transport management tool able to reduce its costs while optimizing its processes.

Join2Ship: centralized and optimized flow organization on a single tool

Following a market study conducted in 2020, Nespoli France chose Join2ship, a collaborative transport platform developed by DDS Logistics. “Join2ship met all of our operational expectations while satisfying our criteria of ergonomics and simplicity. We were also reassured by the clear and pragmatic approach of DDS, which was able to demonstrate its mastery and expertise on the subject, especially on the pre-invoicing part, a real added value in our approach”, explains Jérémy Martinez, Supply Chain Manager of Nespoli France.

Organization of transport flows, control of the chartering, follow-up of the execution and control of the invoices will be among the actions allowed by Join2ship. From now on, Nespoli France will be able to group its orders for a same destination or a same delivery date, to have a planning with opening and closing time configurable for each site and quay; to share tracing information by mobile and/or EDI, to receive alerts in case of delay/incident/advance, to rely on reliable dashboards and KPI while ensuring its pre-invoicing.

Ultimately, Nespoli France will be able to ensure the daily management of its activity: “Through all these features, we hope not only to improve the quality of our services but also to modernize and simplify our operation to reduce our costs. Thanks to Join2ship, we will have a single tool for centralizing information that can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, at any time,” concludes Jeremy Martinez.

Nespoli France should be able to benefit from these gains very quickly as the deployment of the Join2ship solution on the site of La Capelle has already started.

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