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How does the DDS solution provide visibility on all of the Redoute’s supplies?

La Redoute, a major French ready-to-wear retailer, has equipped itself with the DDS Shipper solution to obtain total visibility of its supplies.

The brand wants one thing, “to make fashion accessible to every woman” and to be close to its customers. To achieve this, La Redoute makes a point of honour of the availability of its products. But with the growing number of collections, the brand must be attentive to customer needs. And managing numerous suppliers became a daily challenge.

La Redoute has 900 million euros in revenues, 80% of which is generated on the Internet. The entire flow of its purchased goods passes through the North of France. La Redoute wanted to get closer to its suppliers to reduce procurement time. To achieve this, the company has embarked on a major reorganization project with the DDS Shipper solution.

DDS Shipper, a personality tool for transport optimization

La Redoute therefore opted for the TMS DDS Shipper to provide it with total visibility on its supplies.

The company wanted to respond to the issues of traceability, shipment tracking and management of service providers. After a few years, La Redoute added a financial component to the TMS. The aim was to better synchronize purchasing flows with financial flows.

“The idea was to obtain a clear view of the goods that were going to arrive or the expected ones, in order to know exactly the contents of the container, to the exact color or size, and then facilitate the operational reception. Says Gonzague Dalle, Supply Chain Manager.

DDS Shipper communicates on the information system internally, with order management, finance, customs management… But also externally with logistics service providers. All of this ensures a fluid and proactive organization.

Visibility across the entire transport chain

As a result, DDS Shipper has made it possible for the brand to :

La Redoute has begun a third project, this one aimed at reducing the delivery time for end customers. Thanks to its new fully automated industrial site equipped with computer tools. They are looking forward to being even more responsive.

Source : Stratégie Logistique – Michelle Réal – April 2015

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