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How does Rémy Martin optimize the reception and dispatch of its logistics flows?

Customer Success : Maison Rémy Martin 

The optimization of the receipts and dispatches of the logistic flows thanks to the digitalization solution of Join2ship transport.

Founded in 1724, Rémy Martin is one of the largest French cognac houses. In order to optimize its reception and dispatch processes at its bottling site in Cognac, the House has adopted a collaborative solution for digitalizing transport : Join2ship.

Upon reception, Rémy Martin encountered a daily problem of saturation of the docks. On outgoing flows, the company was faced with the problem of respecting schedules. The operational teams had to rework the schedule manually. This was a waste of time for the carriers.

Remy Martin opts for the Join2ship digital solution. Its main asset ? Join2ship connects in real time shippers, customers and carriers through an ergonomic collaborative platform.

Join2ship allows daily :

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