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DDS Logistics unveils its new visual identity and new offer for supply chain digitization

    The publisher of transport, logistics and international sourcing software has revamped its visual identity and unveiled a new global offer to support supply chain digitization. DDS Logistics intends to offer its customers a complete platform for managing and visualizing their upstream and downstream flows, both domestic and international.

    The digital revolution is undoubtedly underway and affects all company processes, and, intrinsically, their supply chain. DDS Logistics, the leader on the TMS market, has been strongly invested in this rationale for many years, and has continued to adapt to the new problems of the sector’s players and develops both its image and its offer according to their needs.

     A new visual identity

    At a time when traditional transport models are changing, DDS Logistics – a major player in the sector serving manufacturers, distributors and service providers – is unveiling a new visual identity: a sleek logo, a redesigned website and a new “Digital Supply Chain” signature. “This new identity reflects our company, which is innovative, creative and always in motion”, explains Valérie Lafaury, Marketing and Communication Manager at DDS Logistics.

     An offer adapted to the sector’s new needs

    In parallel with this new identity, DDS Logistics has redesigned its offer to make complete flow digitalization available to its customers. “Our objective is to become an indispensable partner to efficient, competitive digital supply chains,” comments Jérôme Bour, CEO of DDS Logistics.

    Following the development of its new Export module directly integrated into the DDS Shipper TMS, the launch of the Join2ship collaborative platform and the Shipper Light offer, DDS Logistics presents a complete digital offer to support flow visibility for all players in the supply chain :

    • DDS Shipper

    Transportation has now become a major challenge for manufacturers and distributors. To meet current issues, such as driver shortages, customer service, regulatory constraints, omnichannels, and sustainable development, the DDS Shipper TMS offers shippers a complete transport flow management system. It has been designed to help them plan, charter, track and control the distribution of their products.

    • DDS Import

    In a globalized supply chain, procurement control is crucial. DDS Import has been designed to meet this challenge. It is aimed at central purchasing organizations, importers and manufacturers wishing to accurately track their orders and their international transport. A Track & Trace-oriented solution displaying product details, it provides full, real-time flow visibility and minimizes the risks of delays and extra costs.

    • DDS Freight

    The DDS Freight TMS was designed in close collaboration with international transport professionals, and is aimed at forwarding agents and freight forwarders. It offers improved management of all the various logistical, commercial, financial and customs stages of transit files. It also allows users to share information, in real time, with all their partners and transport agencies, both in France and abroad.

    • Join2ship

    This collaborative transport platform, developed within the publisher’s incubator, is a social network that allows shippers, customers and carriers to plan, manage and track their shipments in real time, as well as their appointment schedules with carriers.

    • DDS Sourcing

    Designed to help the central purchasing organizations of distributors and importers in their constant search for the best products at the best price, DDS Sourcing is dedicated to optimizing international procurement and calculating the costs incurred by remote sourcing. DDS Sourcing provides a detailed view of import costs, in order to identify the best sources of supply, and manages the life cycle of products until they are resold.

    “In the age of e-commerce, the supply chain has become an important factor in competitiveness. The ‘Amazon’ effect has changed the rules of the game for distributors, manufacturers and logistics providers. Our digitization offer provides an answer to all players, from large groups to SMEs,” concludes Jérôme Bour, CEO of DDS Logistics.

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