The benefits that DDS Logistics transport solutions bring you

  • Facilitating collaboration between all players in the transport and supply chain, the promise of our transport solutions.
  • Gain visibility on flows and ensure end-to-end transport traceability
  • Global management of transport and logistics activities
  • Controlled transport costs for a robust and competitive supply chain
  • Customized transport solutions for a global optimization of operations

Freight, sourcing, import, export, reception, delivery… The tools developed by DDS Logistics have a common purpose: to serve all transport and supply chain players efficiently and sustainably at every stage of their processes. Focus on the many benefits provided by DDS Logistics’ transport software.

Facilitating collaboration between all players in the transport and supply chain, the promise of our transport solutions.

Suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, shippers, carriers, freight forwarders, logisticians, logistics service providers, 4PL, partners, end customers… The supply chain ecosystem is large and complex.

In order to make exchanges more fluid and facilitate physical, IT and financial flows, collaboration between players is essential. Through its various solutions, DDS Logistics has long been committed to increasing collaboration between all the players in the same supply chain.

Because it is essential to maintain long-term relationships with suppliers and to rely on optimal communication to reduce the risk of errors and increase productivity, DDS Logistics integrates functionalities and modules into its tools to facilitate exchanges with all your partners.

Through digitalisation, the editor provides its customers with a collaborative transport platform bringing together suppliers, airlines and shipping companies, freight forwarders, shippers, logistics providers and carriers. Communications and document exchanges are thus fluid, fast and secure, further increasing the productivity of teams and the company as a whole.

Gain visibility on flows and ensure end-to-end transport traceability

While fluid exchanges with the various players in the supply chain are essential, it is also necessary to ensure visibility and traceability of flows throughout the supply chain.

Quantities of products ordered or being procured, containers, parcels, dispatches… The transport solutions designed by DDS Logistics provide complete monitoring at every stage of your process. You are thus alerted in the event of any unforeseen events (delays, incidents, advances, etc.). You avoid load breakage. And react quickly and agilely to launch actions and deploy alternative solutions.

By tracking your shipments, from procurement to final delivery, you guarantee optimal product availability and customer satisfaction.

Global management of transport and logistics activities

The transport organization solutions offered by DDS Logistics, such as the TMS DDS Shipper, ensure the management of all processes. You therefore benefit from a control tower to pool transport flows. This global transport management solution enables you to ensure better monitoring of the logistics and transport chain. And also to simplify your exchanges and your steps with your internal and external collaborators. And finally, to position yourself as a true partner at the service of your customers.

Thanks to increased visibility, you are able to control transport hazards at every link in the chain. Delays, production disruptions and supplier supply risks can be anticipated and managed to provide better service to your customers.

With the help of dashboards, and more specifically the Dashboard decision support solution, you can rely on key performance indicators. Able to produce predictive analysis of your transport data, you schedule your flows and optimize operations. And as a result, you can dedicate costs by product type, country or supplier. A controlled visibility that ensures you fast, safe and uninterrupted supplies.


Controlled transport costs for a robust and competitive supply chain

Finally, logically, controlling your transport operations has a positive impact on your dedicated costs. Promoting the grouping of orders in trucks or containers, carrying out upstream tariff simulations in order to select the most attractive service provider and automating the control of your invoices are among the virtues of this optimisation of your transport and logistics processes.

DDS Logistics’ transport digitisation solutions also provide importers and exporters with a tool. A tool for calculating the overall cost of their operations, including the purchase price and logistics costs of imported/exported products. This makes it possible to identify optimal sources of supply, control margins and avoid any risk of selling at a loss.

On the sourcing side, the automation and acceleration of processes allows a reduction of the purchasing cycle and the cost of acquisition of products. Your margins and deadlines are under control. In fact, you obtain productivity gains throughout your entire purchasing chain.

More generally, the digitalization of your transport improves team productivity by 10 to 50%. And accelerates the return on investment. As proof, the reduction in your transport purchase budget can be as much as 5 to 15%. And this is thanks to the implementation of a transport plan and cost control.

Customized transport solutions for a global optimization of operations

The main benefits of our digital transport solutions are facilitated inter-actor collaboration, complete visibility of your supply chain, traced and optimised flows, management and control of all the links in your transport operations, all for a significant reduction in costs. In addition to this, there is also an increasingly important element: a controlled environmental impact! Thanks in particular to the development of predictive tools and key indicators. These allow you to provide your partners and customers with a measure of your operations in this area.

Carriers, forwarders, importers, exporters, shippers, at each link in the supply chain and for each of your needs, a tool and benefits await you through the various solutions developed by DDS Logistics.

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