DDS Expert

Efficiency and optimization of your transport solution!
Our skills at your service

We provide you with a centre of expertise dedicated to listening to the evolution of your objectives and analysing your new ambitions.

Our role is to help you perpetuate and maintain maximum use of your investment in our TMS.


You have chosen an TMS, how can you successfully implement it with a minimum impact on your business?

Your teams are caught up in the daily routine, the organization of such a project requires availability, technique … how to do it is your concern.
The DDS expertise centre assists you in your thinking and organises or carries out the project for you.

How to get my employees, carriers, suppliers on board in my digital transformation?

Transport digitalisation has an impact on your entire ecosystem: changes in business processes, work habits, etc.
The DDS expertise centre orchestrates for you. We can help you implement your new organization and assist you in managing the change in your teams and partners.

Is my transport software always adapted to my business transformation project?

My company is evolving and needs to change to maintain and develop its business, develop new markets, provide more services to my customers…
The DDS expertise centre will help you to implement your transport solution to meet your new ambitions.

I have invested in a transport logistics software, is its use by my team always efficient and optimum?

The turn over of your teams, internal process changes, adaptations to customer requirements, and the evolution of our transport software all lead to a decrease in the efficiency of your service.
The DDS expertise division offers its customers regular support to combat the erosion of skills, optimise efficiency and make full use of all the advantages of our transport solutions.