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Nexans charts its course to a more sustainable energy future with DDS Logistics’ Green Move module

    A long-standing customer of DDS Logistics, Nexans is a global player in the energy transition and has been playing a crucial role in the electrification of the planet for over a century. In order to pursue its missions in the most responsible way possible, the Group has launched a vast transport optimization and carbon neutrality project in which DDS Logistics’ Green Move module is integrated.

    Nexans designs cable systems, solutions and services to help its customers meet ever-increasing energy needs. The Group is working towards a more connected and sustainable future. As such, Nexans is committed to contributing to carbon neutrality. Initiated in 2019, the Group’s participation in the FRET21 scheme, is part of this global approach.

    It is in this context that the Group has committed to the FRET21 program and has set itself the objective of reducing its emissions related to transport and the FRET21 program by 5% over three years. In one year, Nexans has already reduced its emissions by 4.66% in this area. Its priority is to reduce the transport of its goods, as this represents a significant part of its commitments. For this first year of commitment to the FRET21 program, the company has optimized its loading rate and reduced its transport by 100 trucks per year. It is also working on modal shift and railcar towing. The next step in this commitment? Extend the scope of the actions already carried out to the company’s 120,000 shipments in Europe, set up merroutage for some of its transport flows, and tomorrow, act on a global level.

    Measuring and reducing CO2 emissions from freight transport

    As part of its project to optimize its European transport system, Nexans has called on its software partner, DDS Logistics. For more than 10 years, Nexans has placed its trust in the leader of TMS in Europe. Today, Nexans renews its trust in DDS Logistics and chooses to integrate the Green Move module into its DDS Shipper TMS – a calculator that allows it to measure and monitor the CO2 emissions of its shipments and to implement its decarbonization actions.

    Through the Green Move module, Nexans intends to obtain reliable and accurate data and automate its measurement process to reach its FRET21 objective in a sustainable way. Via the tool, the CO2 data can be easily extracted to monitor the efforts of the various sites concerned and to generate reports in order to make the right decisions.

    Currently being deployed, the solution integrates all flows from Nexans’ French plants to its European plants as well as to its end customers in France and Europe. “Having recognized and certified data, knowing how to use it, monitoring our carbon footprint, demonstrating our commitment through a real energy transition strategy and better controlling our transport plans to minimize our footprint and reduce our costs are among the gains we expect from Green Move”, concludes Julien Cintrat, Nexans France Transport Manager.


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