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Infographic: 5 benefits of a digital platform

  • The benefits of a digital platform for transportation

The benefits of a digital platform for transportation

The success of your business depends on your supply chain. You need to control it from end to end! How do you enable a good collaboration between shippers, carriers and customers?

A digital or collaborative transport platform makes it easier to work and share information with your carriers, customers and suppliers and gives you visibility and traceability of your goods.

Here are the 5 main advantages of a collaborative transport platform

  1. Improved customer service
    • A global visibility on the whole supply chain
    • Alerts in case of incident
  2. Increased productivity
    • Automation of tasks
    • Digitalization of exchanges
    • Planning of pickups and receptions
  3. Better collaboration
    • A fluidity of exchanges
    • A sharing of information
    • Reactivity and flexibility of teams
  4. A reduction in costs
    • A mutualization
    • Better organization
    • Lower loading dock occupancy rates
  5. Risk reduction
    • A fluidity of the work of the operators in warehouse
    • Safety of the teams
    • Better organization

Discover in this infographic the 5 main benefits of a digital platform!

DDS_5 benefits of digital platform

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