Your business challenges Modes of consumption have changed. E-commerce has grown strongly and your customers buy more and more online. Retailing has become omnichannel: consumers chop and change between the web and stores. As a retailer, you have to adapt to these changes quickly! How can you address these business challenges? By optimizing your logistics, one of the cornerstones of your competitive performance and a critical aspect of your activity. But, in this field, you do not have:
  • The essential tools to control and track your global flows;
  • Data analysis instruments that optimize your processes and anticipate future needs;
  • Solutions that meet the customers’ ever more stringent demands.

Our response: digitalization solutions designed by DDS Logistics that solve your problems.

Adaptability is the key. DDS Logistics solutions guarantee:
  • Efficient control of your logistics flows to avoid product stockouts in stores, catalogs and on the marketplaces and to make the exchanges between the various links of the supply chain more fluid.
  • End-to-end tracking of your shipments. You are immediately informed of any delays or incidents, and you can take the necessary measures to avoid risks of stockouts. An optimal product availability rate on the shelves is guaranteed. They key to successful retailing.
  • Perfect control of your logistics chain. Our Dashboard decision-support solution predictively analyzes your transport data to guarantee rapid supplies, limit overstocking and avoid stockouts.
All these features make a decisive contribution to the competitive performance of your company, that the solutions from DDS Logistics can help optimize.

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