Your business challenges Every day, you face numerous business issues that are detrimental to the performance of your supply chain. And in particular:
  • You suffer from the shortage of drivers, in particular for road transport in Europe. As a consequence the rising cost of services puts increasing pressure on your budget.
  • You lack visibility of your orders and deliveries. It is difficult to know when you will receive your raw materials or your spare parts in advance. It is impossible to give your customers an exact delivery date. And, due to the competition from e-commerce, your customers are increasingly demanding.
  • You work with numerous service providers, but your transport budget is out of control.

Our solution consists of digitizing your transport processes.

With DDS Logistics solutions, you can: Establish long-term relations with your service providers. You can guarantee improved traffic quality over time, thanks to:
  • Improved communications with your carriers,
  • Reduced risks of making mistakes,
  • Increased productivity for both carriers and manufacturers,
  • Optimal application of prices,
  • Stricter invoice checks.
Overcome unforeseeable transport incidents. With a better visibility of your supply chain, from orders to delivery, you can:
  • Anticipate delays,
  • Avoid interruptions of production,
  • Reduce the risks incurred by sourcing from suppliers,
  • Offer a better service to your customers,
Rationalize your transport costs. You can do all this by optimizing your transport plan by:
  • Consolidating your orders in trucks or containers,
  • Simulating prices in advance to select the most attractive service provider,
  • Automating invoice checks.
Opt for DDS Logistics solutions and rationalize your transport process.

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