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The history of the French leader in TMS

DDS is a company specialized in supply chain management solutions. Founded in 1984, it has experienced significant growth over the years thanks to strategic acquisitions and a development strategy focused on innovation and digitalization. Leader in TMS in France, DDS is now recognized for its business know-how and its exceptional product positioning.


DDS – Data Dynamic Systems – was created in 1984 by Serge Lacrampe, at the same time as the emergence of the Supply Chain Management concept, a market in which it is evolving.


In 2000, the company was bought by Jérôme Bour, former CIO of the Daher Group, who became the new CEO.
Thanks to its recognized expertise and exceptional product positioning, the decision was made to reformulate the entire offer on new technologies. Objective: to develop solutions that are even easier to implement.
To achieve this objective, a new organization was set up. DDS became DDS Logistics, and recruited sales and marketing skills to complement the company’s strong business expertise.



In 2002, an important step was taken. DDS Logistics’ situation placed the company in a start-up situation. Its technologically advanced offer, its positioning on an emerging market and its growth of more than 100% convinced the venture capital companies Dassault Développement and Odyssée Venture to take a capital participation, in equal parts, of 2 million euros.


In 2006, DDS Logistics acquired Forum Trafic, a French publisher of logistics process management solutions, thus strengthening its position as a leader in TMS.



In 2008, to support its customers in Asia, DDS Logistics set up in China and opened a subsidiary in Hong Kong.


In 2009, DDS Logistics acquired Narval Logistic Software, a publisher specializing in software for international transport.



In 2013, DDS Logistics expanded its TMS business into e-commerce with the acquisition of the shipment tracking solution and the consumer feedback platform


In 2016, DDS Logistics created an “Innovative Lab” called the Logistics Incubator. The ambition of this lab is to work on projects for innovative transport chain digitalization and sourcing solutions.



In 2017, launch of the first project developed by DDS Logistics Incubator teams, the Join2ship collaborative transport platform. A collaborative solution to plan, manage and track its shipments and goods receipts in real time.


As part of its development strategy, a few days after announcing that it will raise funds in 2021, DDS Logistics, the leader in TMS in France, is acquiring Fluid-e, a major player in collaborative supply management.


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