Our DDS Academy

The DDS academy, a partner in your transformation

Every company evolves and adapts to its environment. With the influence of e-commerce and digital technology, the world of supply chain is changing. Faced with this evolution, supply chain professionals all need to constantly adapt to remain efficient and innovative. And in order to adapt, they need to be trained. To meet your transformation needs, DDS Logistics has created its own academy: DDS Academy. A true corporate university, the DDS Logistics Academy is a training space open to all, focused on developing skills and human capital. The DDS Academy’s training courses are based on two theories: David KOLD’s experiential learning “You have to think in action and about action”, which is in line with Wilson and Cole’s socio-cognitivist theories which consider that “the pedagogical situation must be real in order to give it meaning”. Thus, our training courses are anchored on real-life situations in order to provide more concrete answers to learners’ everyday questions. In this process, the learner plays an active role and feels responsible for his or her own learning as well as that of others.

Gaining a better understanding of the supply chain through experience and collaboration

The world of supply chain and transport is swarming with players as important as it is diverse, including in its operational dimension. Freight forwarders, forwarding agents, carriers, logisticians, publishers, shippers… All of them represent a real mine of knowledge in their field. DDS Academy aims to make each of these players aware of the value of their knowledge, their skills and the need to pool them. This is why DDS Academy partners with experts in the field in order to offer content that is relevant, evolving and always in line with current events.

Customer, supply chain player, partner, student or employee, DDS Academy is open to all

It is on the basis of these main principles – concrete experience, reflection, analysis and synthesis – that DDS Logistics has built its academy: a training space that combines both face-to-face training and distance learning: Blended Learning.

Digital and Presential: an efficient duo at the service of training

Open to all and centred around the professions of software publishers, supply chain and transport, not forgetting training in the use of DDS Logistics software, the training courses are scalable and customisable. DDS Academy accompanies the learner throughout the course. In E-learning: The modules are designed to be short and concrete and answer field questions. This solution allows the learner to acquire knowledge at his own pace, according to his schedule, where he wants and as many times as he wants. An expert DDS Academy trainer completes the e-learning path with virtual classroom training sessions. Face-to-face or remote: The sessions are based on experimentation. The acquisition of skills is carried out through field situations to respond more concretely to daily problems. DDS Academy is a place for sharing, exchange and enrichment through the contribution of each individual, because it is interaction that allows the individual to progress!