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Trade Collaborate : New offering brings together actors of transport chains and international trade in one single community

    Very much like social networks, “Trade Collaborate” the new SaaS offering of DDS Logistics (French leader for transport management software) dedicated to transport and international trade, will enable shippers, suppliers and carriers to communicate and share information easily and quickly. And securely.

    DDS Logistics’ 1st logistic community management offering
    Last May, DDS launched its first connectivity platform dedicated to transport and international trade: Trade Collaborate. “Trade Collaborate is a collaborative solution that combines software and connectivity and brings together shippers, customers and suppliers”, functional expert Emmanuel Pigeard explains. Delivered as SaaS (Software as a Service, hosted by DDS Logistics), it will let forwarders, carriers and shippers as well as their suppliers share information and streamline information traffic processes.

    From private systems to one shared service
    Emmanuel Pigeard comments: “Up until now, our customers would create their own private computer platform to communicate with their partners: suppliers, carriers or forwarders. With Trade Collaborate they will no longer need this platform. They will log on to Trade Collaborate and have instant access to all connected users”.

    DDS Logistics’ current solutions are “private”, each instance being for the sole use of one particular customer. With Trade Collaborate, shippers, suppliers, carriers and logistic providers can easily get through to each other (see diagram below) and enjoy hassle-free access to the network: each member of the community only has to log on once to be able to share information with all the other members of Trade Collaborate.

    Another strong point: by logging on to Trade Collaborate, not only will users be able to exchange with their usual customers or providers, but they will also be able to get in touch with the other registered members of the platform. The more users online, the more the platform has to offer.

    Easier exchange and EDI services
    With Trade Collaborate, shippers can easily and in no time share data related to their orders and transport orders, and trace their shipments.
    The platform converts and delivers these data in a computer language that is readable by anyone. It includes an EDI service that supports EDIFACT (EDI for Administration, Commerce and Transport), INOVERT (transport standard), XML standards and more if necessary.
    Trade Collaborate will provide transport order tracking as well as data on product detail, orders and complete shipments. There is also a dedicated service for road transport flows – in particular parcel deliveries – with parcel SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) management.
    The platform will be updated constantly so that it complies with the latest EDI standards in application. Trade Collaborate is intended as a neutral platform that can be interfaced with any TMS in use.

    The transmitted data are hosted by a high availability, large storage capacity Datacenter that is fully secured.
    This offering comes as a response to a strong demand on the market. Many shippers are looking for an efficient means to collaborate with the actors of their supply chain.

    Trade Collaborate in short

    • Creation of a logistic community platform
    • Access to providers on the market made direct and easy
    • Management of incoming and outgoing interfaces
    • All communications at your fingertips
    • Message format transformation
    • Consolidation into a base
    • Routing and transmission of data over FTP or http(s)
    • Capacity to handle large volumes of data

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