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The freight forwarder Hesnault continues its digitalization with DDS Freight and IzyPro

    As part of the expansion of its activities, the forwarding agent Hesnault has launched a vast project to modernize and digitalize its organization by deploying the DDS Freight TMS software from DDS Logistics and the IzyPro WMS from its partner ACSEP. The aim is to offer value-added services to its customers, such as transit, logistics and sourcing!

    When Philippe Hesnault, the 3rd generation president, took over the management of the group 10 years ago, he launched, with the support of all the HESNAULT teams, a vast digitization process: “We were technically blocked, with no possibility of developing our information system. So we deployed DDS Freight TMS software from DDS Logistics on all our sites.”

    Hesnault then approached ACSEP to add the Warehouse brick. “The ACSEP team was able to understand and interpret the particularities of the transit world and match them with IzyPro’s features. They were able to use their imagination to come up with clever solutions for us, without any specific IT development. “

    Less paper and more productivity thanks to DDS Logistics’ TMS

    Hesnault has installed the DDS Freight TMS software at all its sites in order to automate all processes and increase productivity. “Thanks to the DDS Freight TMS solution, and the collaboration of all our employees, we have managed to reduce paper by 90% and have gained around 25% in productivity, thanks in particular to the elimination of printing, sorting, scanning and mailing activities, etc. Not to mention that our customers are now autonomous thanks to the web platform that provides them with all the necessary information in real time! “, continues Philippe Hesnault. In addition, the TMS reports anomalies and delays via an alert system.

    “Hesnault is now able to handle a lot of information in a minimum of time, to digitize all of its documents, to easily manage the financial, customs and commercial aspects, and also to make upstream quotations,” explains Jérôme Bour, CEO of DDS Logistics.

    An ingenious approach of the IzyPro WMS to match the transit activity

    As for the IzyPro WMS software, it is installed in a 4,000m2 racked warehouse located in the Port of Le Havre. Dedicated to the group’s Health activity, via its subsidiary MEDEXENO, the logistics is more traditional with pallets, picking and order preparation.

    In the short term, the group plans to deploy IzyPro on its multi-customer transit activity located on a non-racked surface of 11,000m2, with the objective of improving its performance and traceability. Hesnault and ACSEP worked closely together to make the world of transit cohabit with that of the warehouse by matching the classic functionalities of a WMS to the transit business.

    As Jean-Pierre Gautier, ACSEP’s Business Director, points out: “Thanks to our methodology, we were able to formalize all of this in an operating file containing all the structuring and/or mandatory chapters of the WMS. This file allowed us not to confuse means and objectives and greatly reassured the Hesnault teams. “

    100% digitalized, Hesnault launches a new value-added service: sourcing

    Thanks to the partnership between ACSEP and DDS Logistics, the Hesnault group is now 100% digital. All of its solutions (TMS, WMS and financial IS) are interfaced, allowing it to gain visibility and manage a large order portfolio.

    “Our group has clearly turned a corner! Our business is no longer limited to pushing boxes and making volume. We provide a range of high value-added services, from transit to logistics. But we can also manage the chain from the purchasing stage onwards,” says Philippe Hesnault and his teams with satisfaction. “Thanks to the digitalization of our services, we are able to manage sourcing in Europe on behalf of our customers. We benefit from a real strike force on costs and purchasing volumes at the factory gate. As a forwarding agent, we are already used to buying and pooling transport. Why not do the same thing on the product side? “


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