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The know-how and experience of DDS Logistics taught in its own corporate academy

  • Open up to radiate and become a key opinion leader in its ecosystem.

In order to share the secrets of its success, the leader in TMS, DDS Logistics is launching its academy : DDS Academy. A training space open to all, focused on the development of skills and human capital.

The ambition of DDS Logistics, is to highlight the human factor, the fundamental value of its company. This ambition has been translated into concrete action with the creation of an academy dedicated to its teams. But also to its customers, partners, schools and anyone wishing to discover or deepen their knowledge of supply chain professions and international trade techniques.

A true corporate university, DDS Academy will focus on sharing and promoting knowledge about the transport business and the use of its solutions. “The world is changing, and so is our ecosystem. In this context, we want to remain a major player in our sector and share with our environment to develop human capital, both within the company and within our ecosystem. Developing the human potential of our teams, our customers and, by extension, all those who will place their trust in us in the future, is essential“, introduces Jérôme Bour, CEO of DDS Logistics.

Open up to radiate and become a key opinion leader in its ecosystem.

Convinced that learning and knowledge are acquired over time, DDS Logistics has built its offer around “blended learning” modules, a mix of distance learning and e-learning. Digital will give access to knowledge, while distance learning will allow experimentation and local support. All courses are also available in face-to-face sessions on request.

In the future, the publisher will give birth to a real community of information and animation, gathered around the best practices and innovations in progress in their professions. Each user will be a co-builder of the platform to create a dynamic community of exchanges, open to our employees, customers, partners and prospects“, says Anne LASSERRE. 

DDS Academy offers a public catalog consisting of practical international training courses, introductory courses to the Transport Management System as well as various thematic courses in BtoB and BtoC. 

By sharing its expertise and developing partnerships with schools and training institutes, DDS Logistics will offer as many people as possible opportunities to acquire skills around our core business, Transport Management System software“, concludes Anne LASSERRE.



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