Predictive ETA* calculation now available on the Join2ship collaborative platform

  • ETA calculation, a new transport function for optimal visibility

  • Benefits across the entire logistics and transport chain

Join2ship, the transport digitisation platform developed by the publisher DDS Logistics, unveils a new functionality enabling its users to go even further in the visibility of their transport operations.

For the players in the transport chain: shippers, carriers and consignees of SMEs or major accounts, collaborating in real time on their operations has become essential. And to track deliveries, facilitate the chartering process and schedule appointments with carriers, they now have an efficient digital tool through Join2ship. This collaborative platform, designed as a true social network, offers them complete visibility of their operations in real time.

Today, after more than a year in production, the portal welcomes many shippers who have themselves embarked their transport ecosystem on the platform. There are now several thousand companies that gravitate around Join2ship, for their upstream or downstream Supply Chain.

ETA calculation, a new transport function for optimal visibility

And to serve them even more efficiently, Join2ship now includes predictive ETA functionality. “The ability to obtain the estimated time of arrival for the teams receiving the goods was a necessity, but to do so, we needed reliable and relevant data. From the GPS coordinates of the truck, the mileage to the next stop, the calculation of the estimated break time and the analysis of a lot of historical data, we are able to calculate the most adjusted and realistic ETA possible,” says Pascal Acquaviva, Join2Ship Product Manager.

Benefits across the entire logistics and transport chain

The anticipation of contingencies and better preparation of the teams in charge of receiving or loading goods are among the main benefits allowed by the functionality. This ETA calculation is in fact coupled with the carriers’ appointment schedule. Operators are thus better prepared, able to interact and anticipate the advance or delay of trucks, resulting in optimized customer service at the end of the chain.

Finally, with a constant desire for improvement and in order to provide a better analysis of shipments on the Join2ship platform, DDS Logistics is continuing its work on adding various KPIs linked to delivery and collection requests.

*ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival

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