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Optimize transport procurement: two leaders team up for an innovative offering

    In times of economic uncertainty, transport is often regarded as a source of substantial gains for shippers. This is why BravoSolution (European leader for supply management solutions) and DDS Logistics (French TMS leader) have decided to share their know-how and design a solution that reduces transport procurement costs by up to 10%.

    This joint effort will enable shippers to optimize their procurement process and secure lasting gains.

    This innovative solution consists in four stages:

    • Diagnosing and recommendations/benchmarking by our business experts
    • Actions ranging from reviewing masterplans, optimizing existing flows, collaborative collection of offerings on the provider market and analysis of complex, multicriterion scenarios
    • Implementation of controls on expenses using DDS Shipper’s invoice control module
    • Periodic review of expenses to prevent slippages, contract revision and implementation of appropriate corrective measures.

    The DDS Shipper TMS will bring transport manager better monitoring and constant control over invoices and the option to issue detailed pre-invoices. This common effort by two experts will translate into lasting savings on transport procurement.

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