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Join2ship, new services throughout the transport supply chain.

  • Anonymous tracking for superior visibility and simplicity.
  • Ad valorem insurance: prioritizing quality over quantity.
  • A control tower for planned arrivals.

DDS Logistics, France’s leading provider of TMS solutions, is continuing to develop its Join2ship collaborative platform. Following the official launch in Fall 2017, the solution is constantly being enhanced to accurately address the specific needs expressed by shippers and their suppliers and carriers.

Collaboration, integrated orders, appointment management, real-time tracking, support… Join2ship is designed to act as a real social network between suppliers, shippers and carriers, thereby simplifying transport operations throughout the supply chain. This collaborative platform gives users greater organizational capabilities and a clearer insight into their incoming deliveries with a free scheduling service, a real-time tracking functionality and alerts in the event of an incident or a late or early delivery. In a bid to offer customers an improved array of services, new features have been built into the platform.

Anonymous tracking for superior visibility and simplicity.

Shippers can now give their customers the freedom to trial the Join2ship solution by granting them access to the anonymous tracking feature via Join2ship.  Whether using manual mode, Excel or an API, shippers can send their customers an anonymous tracking URL without having to create an account on the platform. Therefore, customers can track their goods in real time. The anonymous tracking feature went live in January 2019 and not only simplifies and ramps up delivery visibility, but also creates value and enhances customer satisfaction for the shippers using the platform.

Ad valorem insurance: prioritizing quality over quantity.

By developing its ad valorem insurance strategy, DDS Logistics is clearly determined to insure declared goods based on their value and not just their weight. In addition to the traditional contract that insures shippers per kg carried, Join2ship now allows users to specify the type and value of the goods transported with each of their shipments. This means that shippers can easily request insurance cover for each order and take advantage of the attractive prices negotiated with a broker and insurance company.

A control tower for planned arrivals.

Join2ship is now morphing into a real control tower for the upstream supply chain by offering an arrivals board. Once an appointment has been arranged and connected to the tracking module, this new feature provides a real-time view of all scheduled incoming collections and/or deliveries as well as details about the goods involved (number of pallets and packages). In the event of a delay, the solution issues alerts and notifications. With just a single glance, teams can raise the efficiency bar in the warehouse by scheduling, organizing and prioritizing inbound consignments, while carriers can deliver with greater speed.

Anticipate late and early shipments!

Since late deliveries are not the only incident to affect the customer’s logistics organization, Join2ship has masterminded a feature for viewing all deliveries ahead of schedule. This means that supply chain technicians and their customers can manage and fine-tune delivery schedules accordingly and reorganize the teams in real time to receive the goods.

Greater visibility for managing disputes

In addition to offering a new set of functionality, the collaborative platform has also paid special attention to dispute management. In an effort to further improve collaboration between suppliers, shippers and carriers, the Join2ship teams are currently focusing their efforts on new developments: “We already have all the components that we need to effectively deal with disputes and we have every intention of continuing our efforts by allowing users to manage disputes online. We are hoping to give our users even greater visibility across the entire supply chain with as many services as possible,” explains Pascal Acquaviva, Join2ship BU Director.


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