Infographic: the 5 benefits of a TMS software

  • The benefits of a TMS software

The benefits of a TMS software

Having a transport management solution to digitalize your transport is essential!

Not only do you manage and control your transport operations, track your orders and shipments, and control your transport costs, but you also provide a better service to your customers.

The 5 main advantages of a TMS software

  1. Improved customer service
    • Global visibility across the supply chain – from orders to deliveries
    • Incident alerts
  2. A gain in productivity
    • Better collaboration with partners, suppliers, service providers, carriers and customers
    • Process automation
  3. Reduced transportation costs
    • An optimization of the shipments
    • Choosing the best carriers
  4. A control of the environmental impact
    • A reduction of CO2 emissions
  5. A logistic performance
    • Risk reduction
    • An ability to plan alternative transportation schemes

Discover our infographic on the 5 main benefits of a Transport solution!

DDS_5 benefits of TMS

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