DDS Logistics supports pharmaceutical logistics in times of change

    By 2019, labs and CMOs, which are already under severe regulatory and logistical constraints (good manufacturing practice, strong competition, cold chain compliance…), will have to deal with major evolutions in terms of traceability.

    On 9th February 2019, the new 2011/62/UE directive adopted by the European council will come into effect. Its two major aspects are :

    • Serialization : the drug packets concerned must now have their own serial number.
    • Improved safety and tamper proofing in distribution to tackle drug falsification.

    In order to address in a relevant, efficient way the risks and constraints that arise from the growing trade and increasing number of sources of supply in the industry, labs and CMOs will need to have control over all their global logistic flows.

    Total control, from the point of origin to the final destination, with seamless data processing. In this process, end-to-end shipment tracking will require particular attention and the possibility to receive warnings in case of incident will be essential.

    With its DDS Shipper TMS tool, software publisher DDS Logistics delivers comprehensive flow traceability, thus catering to the many requirements of pharmaceutical labs and CMOs:

    Track & trace : this function makes it possible to locate goods accurately. In addition to the extra reliability it entails, it also improves responsiveness in case of unforeseen events by issuing warnings and monitoring discrepancies and exceptions.
    Upstream and downstream shipment optimization : from carrier selection to billing verification, DDS Shipper gives full control over the supply and distribution workflow, from the moment when goods are made available to the destination warehouse.
    KPIs : DDS Logistics designs tools tailored to the needs of pharmaceutical labs and CMOs, based on which KPIs essential to assess their performance and that of their providers and suppliers can be defined. They can then work together to improve constantly their logistical processes.

    The 30 year experience and expertise that the software publisher showcased at the Value Chain Pharma last 28th of June warrant that the highest standards are used in its customers’ traceability processes and specifications.

    Lastly, with its network of experts and partners, DDS Logistics can also integrate good practice in regulatory compliance, inspection and other aspects into its transport management offering… This constant improvement approach means that from an early stage, it is possible to enhance the processes of industrial businesses with very specific needs, such as those of the pharmaceutical sector.

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