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DDS Logistics signs first contract in Morocco

    Superstore chain Marjane will implement the publisher’s DDS Sourcing and DDS Shipper solutions in 2012 to manage international purchasing and import flows.

    DDS Logistics’ first large-scale deal in Morocco.
    The transport and international trade software publisher has just struck a deal with Marjane, the country’s first superstore chain, which will be deploying two of its solutions: DDS Sourcing with its “Referential” module and DDS Shipper with its “Import-Export TMS” and “Invoice control” modules. “The company wants to calculate products’ cost prices and manage upstream flows to the final warehouse in real time. This way Marjane will be able to monitor the performance of its suppliers and providers throughout the whole chain”, DDS Logistics’ head of sales and marketing Olivier Schulman explains.

    DDS Logistics’ solutions will make it possible to calculate the “cost of goods sold” of products, (from manufacturing to the point of sale) and provide a monitoring tool, both on a global scale and for individual orders. Marjane will also have access to individual event logs for orders. In case of anomaly, alerts will be e-mailed to the company to ensure corrective measures are taken rapidly. Detailed financial and volumetric statistics will allow it to anticipate flows and assess how stakeholders meet their respective commitments.

    After Tunisia, DDS Logistics would like to find a Moroccan partnership to speed up its growth in Morocco. “The Moroccan companies that use TMSs are still few” Olivier Schulman concludes. “It still takes time for decisions to be made but the need is there and we’ll be ready to serve it.”

    About MARJANE
    Founded in 1990, Marjane is the first superstore chain created in Morocco. The leader in the retail industry, it has a network of 27 points of sale (26 superstores and 1 store) and operates in the major cities of the kingdom: Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakech, Tangier, Fes, Agadir, Meknes… Marjane is at the heart of the country’s economic growth and positions itself as an economical, simple and welcoming superstore.
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