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DDS Freight interfaced with INTTRA e-commerce platform : TMT saves 25% on processing of company B/Ls

    Used with the INTTRA e-commerce platform (dedicated to sea transport), the DDS Freight transit software allows freight forwarder TMT to save over 25% on each B/L (*bill of lading) that is edited… and make substantial productivity gains.

    TMT and DDS Logistics have been working together for 15 years. In 1994, the forwarding agent, which has specialized in the shipment of paper reels worldwide, entrusted DDS Logistics with the management of all its transport activities. “When DDS Freight was implemented, it was a leap from paper to computer”, TMT Sales manager Mr. Cossard explains. On his initiative the company decides to take it further by developing its own web tracing software to track shipments until their delivery and interfacing it with DDS Freight. “The software was ahead of its time. Throughout the years, we have been meaning to keep it this way” he underlines.

    As of now, TMT is the first DDS Logistics client to have adopted DDS Freight’s new INTTRA interface, with which it is able to communicate directly with about twenty international sea companies. It is thus capable of supervising the booking and tracking of merchandise with several companies globally using one single seamless process.

    For TMT, which exports nearly 20.000 TEU containers from North Africa to Australia every year, this is a winning choice:

    • More reliable:

    The information related to the loading and delivery of goods is now entered directly by TMT on the INTTRA platform. The sea company previously had to be given specific instructions to the effect that the B/L was to be created, duplicated and sent to the forwarder by express mail (to have “legal value”). “The documents of sea companies are filled out everywhere in the world by people who are not necessarily familiar with the particulars that should be on the B/Ls. By filling out our B/Ls ourselves and sending them over our computer network we avoid a lot of the problems that keying them again involves” Mr. Cossard insists.

    • Time efficient:

    B/Ls can now be edited in house by TMT: the companies using INTTRA provide blank, tamper-resistant forms. Before, TMT had to use a courier or express mail to collect the documents, which meant longer lead times.

    • Cost efficient:

    The interfacing of DDS Freight with INTTRA also translates into substantial savings for TMT. “Before the DDS Logistics interface was implemented, every B/L cost about 40 euros. With the computer network, there are less express mail dispatch and courier charges if any and costs can be cut by nearly 25% for each B/L”.

    Every year, TMT issues nearly 6.000 B/Ls.

    DDS Freight: international transit software

    Developed specifically for agents and forwarders, DDS Freight covers all the requirements of transport planning and tracing. Whatever the transport type chosen (sea, air, road), this software offers all-round management of export or import files, including transport, customs, all sales and purchases operations and financial monitoring. It also enables the forwarder’s clients to track the progress of their files online.

    DDS Freight works in real time, which means that the information is shared simultaneously by all agencies, whether they are in France or anywhere in the world.

    The DDS Freight solution can be interfaced with the INTTRA portal, an e-commerce platform regrouping all the major sea companies: CMA-CGM, DAL, Hamburg Sud, Hapag-Lloyd, Maersk Sealand, MSC, P&O Nedlloyd, United Arab Shipping Company, MOL, Safmarine, ANL…

    With INTTRA, shippers, forwarding agents, 3PLs, brokers, importers and Internet portals can manage booking and tracking for goods handled by several companies using one single seamless process. This new interface lets DDS Freight’s users communicate directly with the sea companies.

    About TMT

    Founded in 1990 in Marne-la-Vallée by a team of transport specialists, the Transport Maritime et Transit company, with its first-class service and vast network of offices and agents around the world quickly made a name for itself. TMT organizes and delivers international transport services on behalf of small and medium-sized businesses and industries and corporate groups, safeguarding their interests and guaranteeing the standard of their commitments on all continents. TMT has the capability to provide sea, air, and any multimodal transport services.

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