About us

DDS Logistics is a transport and international sourcing software publisher.

As France’s leading provider of Transport Management System (TMS) solutions, DDS Logistics can fully digitize its customers’ transport flows. DDS Logistics’ solutions also provide visibility and control of costs all along the upstream and downstream transport chains, the import/export supply chain and in supplier logistics.

Our software solutions are designed for industrial manufacturers, distributors, logistics service providers, etc.

More than 100 customers, including Carrefour, Alinéa, Engie, Total, Centrimex and Heppner, use the solutions on offer from DDS Logistics to manage and optimize their international sourcing, transport or forwarding activities. Our approach focuses on the gains achieved by our customers:

  • Significant cut in transport costs
  • Reduction in stocks by improving the control of the supply chain
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Productivity gains
  • Quality of service, etc.

All our services are provided using a proven methodology and by a team of transport professionals. Today, DDS Logistics posts sales of €7 million, of which 15% is invested in research and development. Our strong growth is fueling our ambition to quickly become one of Europe’s leading TMS solution providers, renowned for its innovative and pragmatic approach.