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DDS Logistics & Sourcing Software speeds up expansion in China

    DDS Logistics & Sourcing Software, the developer of transport and international trade software, is already present in Shanghai and Hong Kong and has taken a new step towards extending its marketing targets in China by forming a partnership with the Chinese computer solutions developer and distributor, Joyplus.

    DDS Logistics & Sourcing Software, the French leader in Transport Management Systems (TMS), signed a partnership agreement with the Chinese publisher Joyplus on 12 November.
    The French company believes that cooperation with the Chinese logistics software editor and distributor will allow it to raise its profile and develop sales of its specialist applications in the world’s largest emerging market. Joyplus will market DDS Logistics & Sourcing Software in China, develop specific interfaces as necessary to ensure communication between DDS Logistics & Sourcing Software applications and customers’ systems, and will also set up a local helpdesk.

    “We met Joyplus at the Transport Logistichina trade fair last June,” explains Fabrice Lebret, China Office Representative responsible for DDS Logistics & Sourcing Software development in Asia. “We very soon saw the advantages of close cooperation. This will be a ‘win-win’ situation. DDS Logistics & Sourcing Software has an excellent reputation among western companies, with customers such as Gefco, CMA CGM Logistics, Carrefour and Conforama. Joyplus is well positioned in the field and distributes freight management systems recognised for their reliability in China by such players as the shipping group, COSCO.”

    DDS Logistics & Sourcing Software has had a subsidiary in Hong Kong and an office in Shanghai since 2007, and intends first to develop sales with Joyplus among forwarding agents and logistics specialists (3PL, 4PL etc.). DDS Logistics & Sourcing Software will then concentrate on the markets of local companies, as manufacturers, FMCG retailing, trading companies etc.

    Photo, from right to left: Liang Zhang (Consultant) and Fabrice Lebret (Chief Representative) for DDS Logistics & Sourcing Software and Raymond Liu (Vice-General Manager) and Yan Chen (General Manager) for Joyplus.

    Joyplus develops and distributes IT solutions for logistics specialists. It provides cutting-edge software for players in the transport and logistics sector.
    For more information about Joyplus, visit

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